VIR Supermoto – Team Baby Face

VIR Supermoto

I had an awesome time racing this past weekend with VIR Supermoto. Saturday night I teamed up with my friend Blake Davis as team Baby Face for the two hour endurance. Even with a crash we still won by two laps. Sunday I raced 3 adult classes and won them all setting my personal best times on each bike. I got down to mid 39 second lap times, I was real happy about that. Thanks Patrick Eagan and Mike Davis and VIR Supermoto.

KTM Jr50s race at Anaheim 2

KTM Jr50s race at Anaheim 2, representing Herrin Compound

Thank you everyone for all the fabulous comments. I had the time of my life!! I met my idols, signed autographs, was treated like a star, and had a great time riding. I had a great start in the heat race and got 4th. In the main they picked our gates for us and mine was a little cross rutted from big bikes. My start was pretty bad but I made a lot of progress then actually hit another rider which messed us both up. I was hoping for a better finish than in the heat but it just didn’t work out this race. I want to thank KTM for the opportunity And my supportive family and friends.