2016-17 Frostbite Series Round 2

I had a great time racing last weekend at the Herrin Compound. I raced all adult advanced classes and finished on the podium in all. I won three races and set my personal best lap time in supermini qualifying! Even better is that I’m leading the overall points.

It won’t last long since I can’t race all the races this winter but I’m so happy and proud to be leading currently. Thanks to Josh Herrin, Zoe Herrin, Kim Yruegaz-Herrin, and Shoei Helmets North America

Final 2016 VIR Supermoto – Talladega

I had a great time a few weeks ago practicing at Talladega and racing at the final VIR Supermoto. I rode Talladega and my RS125 for the first time on Friday and got down to some good lap times and had a blast. On Sunday I raced all adult classes at VIR and won all my races, but most pleased with my lap times. I did a 38.4 on my 150. Here is some on board footage from my 125 at Talladega.

Final 2016 VIR Supermoto – Talladega


For sale 2012 KX 65

For sale 2012 KX 65 roadrace/Supermoto set up

This bike set lap records at Herrin Compound and Vir Supermoto in the advanced classes. Bought new in 2014, have title. Never seen the dirt, so all bearings in perfect shape.

KX65-For Sale

12″ k&j wheels, modified pegs for more ground clearance, straight bars, lever guards, pro circuit pipe, 26mm carb, cylinder bored to 70cc with wiseco piston kit, modified seat, fork and shock internals modified for roadracing, tto temp gauge, in May this year put a new top end in and complete new clutch with basket. Includes new spare wiseco 70cc kit, new kaw head, used kaw head, spare rear k&j rear 12″ wheel, stock pipe, stock seat, fender, bars, carb.

Can deliver to Herrin Compound, VIR, Talladega