Rough but fun weekend!

Frostbite Series – Round 5

I had a rough but fun weekend racing at the Herrin Compound. I started off Saturday by crashing my grom second lap of practice giving my dad some work to do fixing it. Today I raced all adult advanced classes, I messed up a few starts and that really put me in a bad position of playing catch up, but I rode hard, cut through traffic and caught back up to get second in all those races and had the fastest lap in each of those races, my competitors are very fast so I need be more consistent on these starts.

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Herrin Compound – Frostbite Series – Round 4

Frostbite Series – Round 4

Awesome race weekend at the Herrin Compound! I raced advanced adult classes. Entered 7 races, qualified on pole for 4 of them. I messed up two starts but still worked my way back up to the leaders by the end. In all 2 1st places and 5 2nd places.

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2016-17 Frostbite Series Round 2

I had a great time racing last weekend at the Herrin Compound. I raced all adult advanced classes and finished on the podium in all. I won three races and set my personal best lap time in supermini qualifying! Even better is that I’m leading the overall points.

It won’t last long since I can’t race all the races this winter but I’m so happy and proud to be leading currently. Thanks to Josh Herrin, Zoe Herrin, Kim Yruegaz-Herrin, and Shoei Helmets North America