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BIGLERVILLE — A young champion motorcycle driver is making waves for both who she is and how old she is, reports CBS 21 News Sports Director Jason Bristol in this story from November 18, 2013. Kayla Yaakov, of Biglerville, Adams County, is a precious little doll with blonde hair braided into a pony tail. She is only 6 years old, yet races cycles at speeds of 50 to 60 miles per hour. At an age when most little girls are interested in My Little Pony, she’s excited by horsepower.

“Do you play Barbie or anything like that?” asked Jason Bristol. “Eah,” replied Kayla. Kayla practices every day after school and drives like a pro — by dragging her knee while turning into corners. How does she do it? It’s not easy getting race strategy out of a six-year-old. Should it be a surprise that Kayla is this good, this young? She has a small race track running almost half-mile around her house. It also helps her father, Dave, was a professional racer for 16 years. He knows what it takes. “As long as she shows interest,” said David, “I’m not going to take a step back.” Kayla started racing go-carts at age 3, but quickly lost interest. Now she’s enamored with bikes. Her father would like to see her race cars in the future. However, riding cycles at home is one thing, competitive racing is completely different. But her performance at local tracks is more muddy evidence that she’s a natural, even though she may not realize it. “I think last week — or sometime — I won (my) first championship,” she said. You think? “Well, I did…yeah, I did.” She’s actually won two: the East Coast Flat Track Series 50cc Shaft Championship and the AMA District 6 Flat Track Series 50cc Shaft Championship. Could she get hurt? She fractured her arm a year ago and now she goes faster than ever. The future? It’s what’s great about being a kid — anything’s possible. Guys, when this little girl gets older, she’s going to break more than just hearts — she’s going to break your race records, too.

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