Craig Calamis Follow Up – Gone Viral

So I guess we officially went “viral”?! Broke 100,000 views in under 3 days, 1000 likes, and almost 2,000 shares! Kayla Yaakov this is just proof that you are the coolest and I’m so happy to being working with you on your incredible journey. It’s only just begun for you so keep up the great work. Follow Kayla now at Kcray Yaakov to get updates on her races and more awesome videos. KICK BUTT this weekend at Herrin Compound!

Craig Calamis 8-8-17

If you love racing, and you appreciate outstanding talent, then take 3 minutes to check out this video I produced with 9-year old motorcycle racing champion Kayla Yaakov.
To follow her incredible journey: Kcray Yaakov
For Kayla, this is only the beginning, but with your help sharing this video her fan base will grow larger and she’ll be on the radar for sponsorship and media coverage.
150 wins and counting…

WERA Motorcycle Roadracing Sanctioned.
Herrin Compound Champion.